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Best Drop shipping Products for Halloween

Q4 is approaching. It’s time to get the prep done. The first biggest sale  season is going to be the Halloween time. Get your blinkers ready and concentrate on drop shipping and affiliate marketing. In this article, we list down the handpicked best Halloween Dropshipping Products.

Halloween is a great opportunity for us to do make money online. Mostly, it can done in three ways. It can be via. Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping or Print on Demand. All of these have immense potential during this celebration season. Of these, if you do proper research and do the right marketing, you can potentially make money up to $50,000 or more using Drop Shipping alone.

Why you should leverage Halloween to increase your sales?

According to National Retail Federation(NRF), America spent around $9 billion in total for Halloween. This means that a person on average is willing to spend $80 to $100 to celebrate Halloween. Compared to Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween is more affordable for a normal person.

Social media craze have been driving people to spent more. According to a survey conducted by NRF, the majority of the money spent goes into Halloween costumes, decorations and candies. In these categories, another breakdown would be how much is spent for adults, toddlers, kids and pets.

This clearly shows why you need to target Halloween season to make more money. Once you find a product, set up the store using Shopify and test it out using Facebook ads and other advertisement streams. When you are confident, increase your budget on marketing. While selecting the product, it you play smart you could even take the momentum to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas season.

Even though world is hit by pandemic, the current sales trend shows that the money spent on Halloween will remain around the same as of last year. The below charts shows the rough estimate of breakdown of sales for this Halloween.

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Without further ado, let us see the recommended best Halloween dropshipping products you can consider for this Halloween season.

Best Dropshipping products for Halloween 2020

1. LED Light Thanos Gloves

Halloween has been always a time to get nostalgic and remember movie and comic characters. Of all the characters, Thanos led glove have been currently trending.  This is available from $8 to $10 from many sellers. You can probably sell it for $21 and get a good amount of margin.

Thanos Led Gloves Halloween

2. Plague Doctor Mask Bird Beak Long Nose Latex Masks

In the new normal life, mask is part of our life now. Owing to this, masks have an edge over other products in this Halloween season. This long bird break masks are definitely unique and will literally stand out. These are available for $7 on AliExpress and Alibaba website. You can probably sell this for $19 to $30 for a good margin.

Bird Break Long Nose Latex

3. Black Panther Halloween Costume

I needn’t tell to you why the Black Panther Halloween Costume is going to trend.  With Chadwick Boseman’s(the Black Panther star) death this is going to definitely trend. Might not sound ethically right to market this. But, I am sure a bunch of people including the so called drop shipping gurus are going to target these. It’s not just unethical. Since it is a Marvel product, it is going to be risky choice as you need to be very careful not to violate the copyrights while marketing these.

Black Panther Halloween Costume

4. LED Light up USB Rechargeable Glowing Luminous Dust Facial Mask Halloween

As aforementioned, the masks are trending. This trendy LED light up face masks are a great choice to promote on your Shopify store.  These masks has been trending from June month. Hence, it is a trivial conclusion that the trend will not settle down until this December.

Halloween handpicked led mask reusable


5. Flashing Light Up Sound Activated Mask For Halloween

Another trendy mask on the list is the sound activated mask. This is perfect for parties. The visualization bar responds to your music and sounds. This serves as a great fancy gift for kids. This is a great choice to be considered while planning your Halloween Drop Shipping strategies.

sound activated mask halloween led

You needn’t exactly pickup these products. Do your research and find the product that works for you. However, we hope by this article you have now an understanding of the current trends in Halloween.


Leverage this Halloween season to increase your sales. If you are new to drop shipping, this is the right time to get your first sales. We are still a couple of months away from Halloween. So get your research done properly and start within the next couple of weeks. Carry on the momentum to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and get a solid Q4.

All the best folks. Let us know how it turned out in the comment section below.

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