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Best Online Side Hustles

We all want some passive income. To attain that, one should jump into some side hustle programs. Who doesn’t want some extra bucks? What if I tell you can earn some dollars while you are sleeping? Internet is providing us huge opportunities and it’s time we leverage that for making some extra money by getting into best online side hustles.

Below we list the best online side hustles that you can do online. Also, once you think these are safe bets, these might even help you to escape from your 8 am to 5 pm office work. The only thing you need to understand is ‘No lunch is free’. Yep, there are no free lunches. When I tell that you can make passive income, it doesn’t mean somebody deposit free dollars to your bank account. You need to get your butt up and devote some time to your side hustle.
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And, the amazing fact is that you can do most of these hustles by sitting at your home using a laptop or may be even by a smartphone. Isn’t that a luxury that you envy?

Without further ado, let us jump in and see the list of best online side hustles.
Based on your skills and passion, chose the one from the list that suits you.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a huge industry. From an outsider’s point of view, it might look highly saturated and there are no scope for newbies. But, if you have the right will and is ready to devote some effort weekly, you slowly climb up and make it really big in affiliate marketing. Consistency and patience is the key.
Now, in case, you are completely new and you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, let’s see what it is all about.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is a process where you refer other people’s or other company’s products. When you make a sale through your referral, you will get a commission. You can refer the product through your blog/site, video or social media. You will get a commission each time when someone makes a purchase using your link.

Affiliate Program List
If you are thinking of trying your hand at affiliate marketing, consider reading our snippet on ‘Beginner’s Guide – Where to start Affiliate Marketing?‘.

2. Freelance Services

Have you considered part-time freelancing? If you are into graphic designing, digital marketing, coding, sketching or video editing, there are tons of opportunity on websites like Upwork, Fiverr and other freelancing websites.

Don’t get disheartened if you are not having any of the above mentioned skills. Instead, you should be happy as most of them are high competitive fields. What would I suggest is head to and see the different categories like Graphics and Design, Digital Marketing, etc. Hover on each of these and see the sub categories to find the one where you are comfortable.

Freelancing websites list

3. Stock Photography

You can sell pictures and videos online and make money. You can sell your images and videos on websites like Shutter stock, Adobe Stock, Storyblocks, Pond5, Getty Images and 123RF. Good news is that you don’t need a expensive camera. Certainly, a good DSLR and a mirrorless camera is great. But, if you don’t have a great camera, it shouldn’t stop you from considering stock photography as an hustle.

Another thing is that you don’t need to be a great photographer. In this pandemic time, a photo of a person wearing mask and standing alone in front of a building is more likely to get more sales than a beautiful bird’s picture.  The press websites need these kind of pictures at these times. So, it’s not necessary your picture needs to be aesthetically beautiful. If you would like to know more about this, head over to our post titled ‘Best Websites to Sell Online Photos and Make Money‘.

list of stock images and videos websites

4. Print on Demand

Ever dreamt of owing an apparel company. But, couldn’t take the plunge thinking of the investment required for it. What if  I tell you can sell t-shirts online without zero investment. POD(Print on Demand) will enable you to do exactly that. 

If you know basic graphic designing well and good. Else, you can hire a designer to do a t-shirt design or use a website like Canva where you can design yourself. Once design is ready, all you need to do is upload the design to sites like Amazon Merch and Teespring. Post that, the POD vendor will take care of printing it. They list it on their website. Once somebody buys it, they will take care of the printing and shipping of the t-shirt.  Check out our post titled ‘The Ultimate Print on Demand Tutorial for Beginners‘ for more details.

Print on Demand Website List

5. Stock Trading

Stock trading is a good option as a side hustle and is capable to changing your life dramatically. However, these are risky. Hence, you would need to do proper research before buying stocks, options or mutual funds. It can be addictive too. So, my personal suggestion would be to limit the hours spend on this. Also, have a reasonable budget and have a sensible maximum cap on the money you invest.

In order to control the risk in trading stocks, you would need to adopt a diversification principle. Invest in less risk stocks and mutual funds as well as invest in high risk stocks. Trade using your brain and not using your heart. Our emotions shouldn’t be the force to make decisions. 

Stock Trading Sample

6. Online Tutoring

Do you love teaching students? If yes, you can consider online tutoring as an online side hustle option. If you are knowledgeable and you have the expertise to teach, this is a great option. Don’t compare this to traditional teaching. Let’s say you are proficient in video editing, then you can make 10 videos and offer it as a course.  

You shouldn’t be idle after uploading a course. Try building a brand. This will help you to build a loyal following of people. This in turn will help you to market your new courses. Aim for positive reviews for your course. Once you get positive reviews,  it will be easier to sell your new courses in future.

Online Teaching Website List

7. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is a process where you buy domain names, hold it for a few period and sell it at a higher price. Identify a hot keyword, followed by buying a related domain at cheap price. Later, sell it for a higher price.

It might sounds easy, but needs some solid research. If you target to buy the premium domain names, it often needs huge money.  If you don’t have such money, you can also start from $10 and hustle slowly. The key is to identify the undervalued domain names. 

Domain Flipping Marketplace List

8. Drop Shipping

If you have money to invest, this is another luring option to make money online. 

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is a process where you don’t have products or goods with you, but transfers the order from your customer to a retailer who then actually ships the goods directly to your customer. In nut shell, you are an intermediate person and takes a commission for these sales. The beauty of this is you set the profit margin.

Drop Shipping Infographic

9. Make videos on YouTube

In the last couple of years, the viewership on audience have drastically increased.  Many have identified this as a great opportunity and have started making videos. This is a great way to build your audience. The idea is when you grow in YouTube, build your presence in other Social Media platforms too in parallel.

In YouTube, you need to reach 1000 subscribers and attain 4000 hours of watching time to qualify for monetization. Once monetized, you will able to place ads on your videos and you will get money via Google Adsense. However, don’t start making videos because you need money. Identify the niche you are interested and start making videos on it. 

10. Influencer Marketing

If you by chance you are already a celebrity on social media, especially on Instagram, the opportunities before you to make money online are plenty. You can place affiliate links on posts and stories. Once these get converted to leads or sales, you will get the referral amount. Another option is that you can sell merchandise like some e-book, t-shirt and presets on social media.

Tips to get Started

  1. Identify your hobby or skill where you are really good at.
  2. Research on the existing players on your niche.
  3. Know the audience/market and start hustling.


Hope we were able to shed some light and help you choose the best online side hustles you want to dive in. When you gear up and if you consider to convert your side hustle as your main hustle, please try to have more than one hustles. Diversification is the key. Unlike your daily job, the aforementioned best online side hustles are risky in the sense that there is no guarantee of a steady income.
It’s always a good practice to have more than one stream of income. For example, if you are thinking of making videos on Youtube, don’t just rely on Google Adsense. You can also sell merchandise, you can offer online courses and you can try affiliate marketing.
Finally, I would like to conclude by telling that be patient. Whatever is your choice, put out your effort at least for 6 months. Give it sometime. Don’t try for a couple of weeks and stop it as you are not seeing the desired figures as income. It needs careful planning and decent time.

All the best folks. See you in the next article.

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